Equity Compensation Planning

Equity compensation can present a unique opportunity to build long term wealth; with that opportunity comes a unique set of risks and issues with key decision points. We work with Equity Compensated executives to help them identify and address these decision points as they relate to their overarching personal financial plans. We cannot accomplish this alone. We will engage directly with your company HR department when needed, a CPA for specialized tax projections, and estate attorneys to formulate
strategies to help mitigate risk, liquidate options, and move you toward your desired objectives…

Whether that be paying for an Ivy league education, starting a business,
transitioning to retirement, executing a philanthropic endeavor, or something as simple as a systematic liquidation plan for your concentrated equity positions.

Mid-Career Planning

Today’s financially savvy and informed professionals often have a deeper knowledge of finances
and access to information than previous generations – and that’s a very good thing. BUT, busy
schedules make it hard to think decades ahead. Sometimes its hard to think about anything except
getting through the day.

College savings for the kids must be accounted for, insurance needs calculated, and employer
benefits maximized. And retirement is much closer than it appears, financially speaking. Even while
“real life” distracts us, setting up foundational plans and clarifying big-picture goals can help provide
a clear sense of direction and automate good decision making.

Our common sense approach to financial advisory services sets young families and mid-career
professionals on a clear course toward their goals through foundational financial guidance,
budgeting strategies, effective portfolio design, investment vehicle selection, portfolio rebalancing,
tax management, employer benefits advice , and automated savings programs.

Retirement Distribution Planning

The most pressing question usually is: will we have enough income to sustain our lifestyle in retirement for 30+ years? Many people also wonder about finding someone they trust to provide financial guidance for their spouses (if they become widowed) by creating a seamless survivorship plan so there is no scrambling to “figure it out.”

These questions can seem difficult – even ominous – in the face of so much complexity and tax law.
That’s why proactive planning and open communication are essential.

Our approach is built on the idea that getting to know everything about your finances will lead to
confidence and clarity over time. We empower you to make informed decisions and seek to reduce
the anxiety of transitioning to a fixed retirement income as best we can. We understand this is not
just about finances, it’s a major life change filled with mixed emotions.

*All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.